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Who We Are

Our Mission

  • We aim to be the best at what we are in British Columbia, a friendly, supportive organization dedicated to introducing and promoting the intelligence, training, breeding and athleticism of the the Cutting Horse.

  • We aim to provide professionally run events, balanced between camaraderie and competitiveness.

  • We aim to encourage skill development in cutting, and have training professionals that are members of our association.

  • We aim to inspire an atmosphere where individuals can compete, have fun, develop relationships and encourage each other to new successes.

• to visit the National Cutting Horse Association 
• to visit Canadian Cutting Horse Association

What is Cutting?

“Cutting is a judged event where a horse and rider must demonstrate their skill by separating a single cow from a herd and keep it from returning.  For a timed 2.5 minutes the team of rider and horse must demonstrate the natural ability of a cow horse to track and read that cow to prevent it from returning to the herd.  Cutting has turned into a competitive sport that originated from ranching.”

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